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Unfortunately things can go wrong, you could fall ill or have an accident, prior to or during your holiday, you could have money or luggage stolen, your holiday might be cut short through illness or injury and your family may need to fly out to be with you if there is a serious incident. The cost can run into thousands of pounds, but all of these risks can be covered by travel insurance.

Many people don’t take out travel insurance, they believe that their credit card, home insurance and private health cover will be sufficient. This is rarely the case and people should make enquiries as to the level of cover they get from them before they travel.

All Clear

The EHIC or new GHIC card whilst very useful has limited cover. It only covers emergency medical treatment and there may be limits as to the amount of medical treatment you can receive whilst abroad. It does not cover the cost of repatriation in case of serious injury or death. The exception to the emergency cover is dialysis treatment, which is covered under the reciprocal arrangement within the EEC, however it should not be assumed that every hospital/clinic within the EEC accepts the EHIC/GHIC card.

You can apply for your free GHIC card via the NHS website here GHIC application

Freedom recommend ALL CLEAR INSURANCE
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