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A land of great contrast, steeped in history, Egypt has always had a mystical appeal; the Red Sea has truly become a world class destination - more than 12 million tourists flock here every year. For the sun, sea and sand holidays Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada are the places to be, with the clear Red Sea Waters some of the best scuba diving experiences in the world and every water sport you can think of.

For the history enthusiasts Cairo museum offers you the chance to see Tutankhamun’s death mask and the mummified remains of ancient kings. Just outside the city you can stand in the shadow of the great Pyramid and the Sphinx. In Luxor head to the Valley of Kings and the Temple of Karnak - it’s the largest ancient religious site in the world.

Dialysis Units in Egypt

We have a unit in Hurghada . The cost per session is £200 for HD, £250 for HDF and there is also a one off £70 charge for blood analysis on arrival.

We also have units in Aswan, Luxor and Alexandria - but these units will only accept group bookings of 5 or more patients.

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