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Cascais - Portugal


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Portugal is one of the most popular tourist destinations, for all that it has to offer. It is a unique destination that perfectly combines several types of scenery from the famous beaches to the mountains, to the historic neighborhoods, to the picturesque villages and the big cities. It is a world reference in tourism, but also in health, due to its public and private network of establishments, which guarantee all those who visit Portugal the best care with maximum safety. We have a wonderful selection of dialysis facilities across the whole of Portugal accepting the EHIC/GHIC.

With close to 30 clinics across Portugal the choice is yours. We have featured our TOP 5 must visit areas and clinics…

1. Estoril

Welcome to the Estoril Coast and Cascais in Portugal an area with so much to offer. Apart from its beautiful beaches, this area has historic, architectural, and cultural events to entertain all visitors. From your base in Estoril, it is possible to visit many of the towns and cities of the region. Cascais – the charm of the Atlantic coast. It unites a rich natural heritage, where the blue of the ocean, on its magnificent beaches, meets the splendid green of the mountains. As an old fishing village, it still has the best fish and seafood, which is always served fresh on the outdoor terraces covered in flowers. Cascais has a natural charm and is very inviting for those who enjoy strolling through the historic streets, where the Portuguese royal family took their summer holidays for many years. So, enjoy this beautiful town and if you are a fan of Golf, Cascais has 7 golf courses available along with a range of luxurious hotels. The journey to the clinic in Estoril for dialysis takes around 10 minutes.

2. Amarante

Northern Portugal around 60KM from Porto is one of Portugal’s most beautiful cities. Known for its stunning landscapes on the banks of the river Tamega, for its gastronomy, and for its arts. Lose yourself in this beautiful city, be sure to visit the impressive arched bridge, Ponte de Sao Goncalo, and the famous church with the same name. Take a walk and breathe in every corner of this wonderful city. Amarante will remain in the memory forever. With the dialysis unit close to the city and hotels, it’s a great pick.

3. Aveiro

Aveiro is a city that has the right mix of atmosphere between the contemporary and the traditional. Nicknamed by many as the ‘Portuguese Venice’ because of its canals and the ria, there are small boats that travel along them: the ‘moliceiros’. The Humberto Delgado square is right on top of the Central Canal and a good option is to start by taking a moliceiro boat ride, which will give you a different perspective of the city and its magnificent angles. Once you have finished your ride, wander the narrow streets around the canal, where you can appreciate several art nouveau buildings, possibly stumble upon an antiques market, visit the fish market and old fishermen’s houses. And you certainly must not pass up the chance to visit the Oficina do Doce, where you can try the famous ovos moles. There is also a must-see outside the city center: Costa Nova beach. This is where the famous striped and colored houses are located, another trademark of the city. Aveiro dialysis unit is approximately a 10 minute drive to the main Humberto Delgado square.

4. Porto

Porto is a fascinating and vibrant city. It has an extensive history, interesting tourist attractions and a lively nightlife. Start in Baixa and the Ribeira district, the oldest in the city, explore the fantastic and mysterious maze of narrow streets and enigmatic old houses. Walk through the historical centre, visit the cathedral, and be dazzled by its grandeur. Embark on the famous “seven bridges cruise” and observe the scenic backdrop of Porto. Make sure you visit one of the Port wine cellars around Vila Nova de Gaia and taste its trademark wine - a rich, fortified wine that is matured in the so-called “caves” which line the southern banks of the River Douro. With two clinics well located in Porto you can be within easy reach of both.

5. Lisbon

Lisbon is a unique, bright city that invites its visitors to enjoy various sensations. You do not just visit Lisbon - you live it. You live every color, smell, and taste. So let yourself be carried away by the culture and history of this city. Take the tram, go through the historic neighborhoods, feel the breeze of the Tagus River as you stroll through the famous Baixa Pombalina to Terreiro do Paço. Lose yourself in this magnificent city where the sun shines up to 290 days a year and the temperature rarely drops below 15°C. Enjoy the sunsets in Belém and be enchanted by the famous historical monuments while eating the famous pastel de nata (custard tart). And at night, gaze up at the starry sky on the famous 7 hills and let yourself be moved while listening to fado. We a choice of have 3 dialysis clinics across Lisbon making it another great options for exploring the city.

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