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The ultimate bridge between east and west – both in culture and location – this plentiful country is a haven of majestic geological wonders, culinary masterpieces and ancient remnants. Make the most of blissful beaches and inter-resort roaming around as you get acquainted with the real ways of traditional Turkey.

The popular Aegean and Mediterranean coasts can be uncomfortably hot during July and August, especially between İzmir and Antakya; in spring or autumn, the weather here is gentler and the crowds thinner, while late October and early November see the idyllic pastırma yazı or “Indian summer”. Even during winter, the Turquoise and Mediterranean coasts are – except for rainy periods in January and February – still fairly pleasant. The Black Sea is an anomaly, with exceptionally mild winters for so far north, and rain likely during the nine coolest months, lingering as mist and subtropical humidity during summer.

Dialysis in Turkey

Dialysis in Turkey is not covered under any reciprocal agreement, so there is a cost per session which can vary between the units/areas that we offer below:

Aydincan - Aydin approx €220 per session

Fethiye - approx €250 per session with transport (mileage limit applies), €200 per session without transport

Marmaris - approx £150 GBP per session

Muglacan - approx €220 per session

Managvat (Antalya region) - approx €300 per session (Including transport to the Side area)

Istanbul - we have several units on offer in Istanbul prices are approx €250 per session.

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